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Laser Hair Removal – The Better Solution

Many people have extra body hair they’d like to see gone. You can shave it off, but you have to do it regularly, and that’s annoying. You can get it waxed, but that’s painful and you still have to have it done on a regular basis. But there is a better way: laser hair removal. Laser hair removal is easier, longer lasting, and less painful than other methods of hair removal, and it can actually result in a permanent reduction in the amount of hair that grows in the targeted areas. If you have unwanted hair, laser hair removal is definitely the way to go!

The History Of Laser Hair Removal

Research into using lasers for hair removal has been ongoing since the 1960’s. The first lasers used emitted a continuous wave, but this was ineffective since it could not be easily controlled or targeted, so there was a risk of damaging surrounding tissue. Eventually, someone invented a new laser that could emit the light in short, easily controlled pulses, thus allowing the laser to be precisely targeted so as not to cause collateral damage. In 1995, the United States Food and Drug Administration approved the first laser specifically designed to be used for hair removal. The technology has continued to evolve ever since, allowing for more effective treatments for excess hair removal than ever before!

How Laser Hair Therapy Works

The process is pretty simple. Precisely targeted pulses of light energy are directed at your hair follicles. Hair follicles are darker in color than surrounding skin cells because they have a higher level of melanin, the chemical that is responsible for skin and hair coloration. Because darker colors absorb light faster and better than light colors do, the energy is primarily absorbed by the follicles, damaging them and preventing hair from growing. Since the follicle is absorbing most of the energy, damage to surrounding skin tissue is prevented, allowing for very effective treatment with a minimum of side effects.

Who Is A Candidate For Treatment

When lasers first started being used for hair removal, the best candidates were those with dark hair and fair skin. The sharp contrast between hair color and skin color allowed the relatively unsophisticated lasers of the day to have maximum effectiveness. Luckily, today’s laser technology is much better, and tools now exist for treating most combinations of hair and skin color, including dark hair with dark skin and light hair with light skin.

What To Expect From Treatment

Multiple treatments have been shown to be most effective, so treatment is performed in a series. The sensation experienced during the actual process has been described as a slight tingling, which is easily tolerable for most people. The amount of time it takes will vary depending on how large of an area is being treated. Side effects are generally mild and short lived. You may experience some itching, pink skin, or mild swelling around the targeted area, but this rarely lasts more than a few days. Applying ice to the targeted area after treatment can help to reduce these effects.

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