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Synergy Advanced Medical Aesthetics now offers TPR Treatments in San Diego. The Tri-Phasic Resonator is a process which utilizes mild electrical frequencies in conjunction with heat and vibration to minimize fat. Clinical studies have indicated that the Tri-Phasic Resonator is beneficial for both cellulite reduction and muscle toning and re-education, which produces a loss of inches as well as firmed and defined muscles.

The results are similar to liposuction but without the risks of surgery or the high cost. This process is a non-invasive procedure performed by qualified technicians. The treatments are pleasant and measurable results can be seen immediately. The procedures are safe, efficient, and painless. Clients leave of our San Diego office feeling a tone to their muscles as though they have just lifted weights. Most clients require one to two treatments per week for three to six weeks depending on individual conditions.

There are no side effects to the procedure and the treatment itself is a hands-on procedure by the technician. The process takes about 10-12 minutes per area and the average cost is about $95 per zone. The waist, thighs, and legs combined (the most popular combination) runs anywhere from $165-$200. The average loss is one to two inches per area in 6 treatments.

Tri-Phasic Resonator

What is the Tri-Phasic Resonator (TPR)?

The Tri-Phasic Resonator originated in 1985 and has undergone several studies with astonishing results, far surpassing any procedures or systems previously developed. The process is painless and comfortable, and produces noticeable and measureable results from the first treatment in addition to providing cumulative benefits.

The TPR incorporates three compatible modalities: Heat, Vibration, and Electrical Force. Each modality encompasses its own distinct functions.

Heat – Improves the circulatory system, opens superficial capillaries, and re-establishes vascular flow. Heat also discourages fat cell buildup in area of restricted circulation, generally produced by tight, restrictive clothing or jobs that require prolonged sitting.

Vibration – Assists with the movement of fluids and increases the penetrability of the electrical current into deeper dermal layers. The vibration also improves osmotic action which helps to remove toxins from the body.

Electrical Force – The vibratory action of the probes causes a diminishment of electrical sensation by the neuroreceptors allowing stronger currents required to treat cellulite.

What results can I expect?

No matter what your age or how much muscle definition you desire, everyone gets results. However, the Tri-Phasic Resonator is not only for cellulite reduction. Many slender people want to increase their muscle mass or sculpt their body. Often, relief from muscle strain or increased resilience for those active in sports can be accomplished quickly.

The most interesting phenomena associated with triple modalities inherent in the TPR is the effect that the vibratory modality has respective to the electrical current that is being employed. The vibratory stimulus overpowers the electrical sensation perceived by the neuroreceptors. The current can then be raised in strength where it would normally become uncomfortable. However, when the vibratory stimulus is activated, electrical sensation is not perceived by the neuroreceptors.

Another factor affecting cellulite is vascularization. Studies have demonstrated that cellulite production is greatly affected by tight clothing that inhibited vascular flow. The combination of electrical activity, and kinetic energy along with the heating element at the probe site has the effect of promoting vascular flow. A very interesting observation, common to all clinical study participants, was that the loss of two inches of physical measurements equated to one pound weight loss.

6 Treatments over 30 Days

For more information about Tri-Phasic Resonator in San Diego, call us today at 1-800-877-8872 or use our contact form to get a FREE consultation from our on-hand staff. We’re looking forward to hearing from you!

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