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Laser Hair Removal San Diego, CA

You can say “Goodbye!” to unwanted body or facial hair, and loose the razor burn and waxing kits. Enjoy the San Diego sun without your unwanted body hair with a few laser hair removal treatments from Synergy Advanced Medical Aesthetics.

We have been servicing many happy clients in the San Diego area for many years. Located in Solana Beach, CA, our office is easily accessible from anywhere in San Diego County.

As a well-established skin care treatment practice, one of our specialties is Laser Hair Removal. This form of hair removal has been a well-proven method for hair removal since the 1990’s. The laser hair removal process is quite simple, hair follicles are destroyed with heat from light, a laser. Hair follicles are precisely targeted and heated with a laser because darker matter absorbs light and heat. Hair follicles are darker than the surrounding skin which allows them to absorb the heat from the laser while the surround skin tissue remains nearly unaffected.

The color of the hair and skin are two major factors that affect the result of laser hair removal and how the treatment is applied. In the past, the best candidates for the treatment are those with dark hair and light skin. However, adjusting the light wavelengths and pulse durations of the laser will have a positive effect on light hair follicles with light skin, as well as, dark hair follicles with dark skin.

We know there are many Laser Hair Removal offices in the San Diego area and that is why we take extra care in helping you feel comfortable in your decision to choose a laser hair removal specialist. We use the Apogee Elite laser system manufactured by Cynosure. This laser system is highly regarded as the Gold Standard for laser hair removal systems and for permanent hair reduction. We use only the safest, FDA approved laser systems which have been proven to be effective for hair removal and reduction. Treatments are performed in a series because multiple treatments have proven to be the most effective.

For more information on our Laser Hair Removal services in San Diego, please Contact Us For a Free Consultation or call us Toll Free at 1-800-877-8872.
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