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Laser Hair Removal Solana Beach

If you’ve been waiting to get rid of unwanted body or facial hair, then wait no more. At Synergy Advanced Medical Aesthetics, we specialize in laser hair removal in our Solana Beach office. We are able to help you remove unsightly hair from your body using the latest laser hair removal technology. The treatment Is a safe and effective procedure to successful approach to manage unwanted hair.

Synergy Aesthetics is the premier place to help clients with laser hair removal in San Diego. Located in beautiful Solana Beach, our office is right of the I-5 freeway and is very accessible. Many of our clients come from throughout Southern California for skin care treatments.

One area of expertise of Synergy Aesthetics is Laser Hair Removal in Solana Beach. We have many years of experience working on this type of skin care treatment. Laser Hair Removal is still one of the most popular procedures that we do and has been a successful method for removing hair from the skin. The procedure is highly effective and very low cost compared to other hair removal methods.

How does laser hair removal work exactly? The machine will shine a beam of laser on to your skin and the hair follicles get weakened and destroyed. The laser beam goes through the outer layer of the skin and is absorbed by the hair follicles. The laser targets the melanin found in hairs and as a result, hair growth in that particular area is hindered and the surrounding skin tissues remain almost unchanged. The treatment works well on all skin types but is most effective on darker hairs.

Depending on the size of the treatment area, the laser hair removal procedure could only take a few minutes out of your time. The most frequently treated areas are the bikini line, upper lip, chin, underarms, and legs. Both men and women have benefitted from laser hair removal. It is a very safe procedure and is virtually painless procedure. Most patients often describe the feeling as a rubber band snap. Some patients may be more sensitive in certain areas and may use a topical numbing cream during treatment.

At our office in Solana Beach, our specialists use the Cynosure Apogee Elite laser system for the treatment. They system is FDA approved and has been shown to be an effective way to reduce and remove hairs from the skin.

For more information about laser hair removal in our Solana Beach office, please contact us by calling 1-800-877-8872 or by filling out our form for a FREE consultation. Our professional staff is standing by to answer any questions you may have.

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