Aesthetic Membership Programs that Drive Patient Loyalty

Aesthetic Membership programs are an effective way to stabilize income and generate a recurring revenue stream. Membership programs can incentivize return behavior, generate patient loyalty, and make expensive treatments more accessible for patients on a budget by spreading payments out monthly.

Static Membership Programs 

One of the most popular membership types is a static membership program. These programs are structured around a recurring monthly fee. Often practices have different tiers and types of membership programs based on patient demographics and aesthetic goals.  

For example: 

  • Skincare membership clubs offer curated skincare products based on skin type and desired goals.
  • Injectable subscription programs offer fixed monthly pricing, such as $199, and give patients the ability to pay towards future procedures. This makes injectable treatments more accessible to patients on a budget and stabilizes practice revenue. 
  • Kiss clubs for lip fillers. These programs can be good entry points for naïve or younger patients. Creating loyalty with these groups will pay long-term dividends! 
  • Tiered aesthetic bundle clubs offer patients the option to mix and match their own custom plan of services based on their goals. These programs typically have 3 Tiers to allow patient flexibility.
    • For example, Tier 1 may allow patients to select 2 services per quarter vs. Tier 3 may be a more comprehensive aesthetic care plan offering patients access to 3 services per quarter and a complimentary skincare club membership.
    • You can also bundle additional benefits such as discounts on skincare purchases and/or a birthday gift.

Static memberships are typically packaged as a monthly fee where patients receive a certain number of treatments per month or a percentage discount off treatments and products. A monthly membership is a great option for patients who enjoy regular treatments and exclusive access to promotions. As a practice, you will see the benefit from increased patient retention and loyalty. 


Tips for Making Membership Programs Work: 

  • Keep it Simple: Communicate the value proposition of participating in your membership program by clearly defining special perks, cost savings, and/or exclusive member-only opportunities.
  • Offer Variety: Membership programs should be flexible and accessible to fit the needs of your top 3 patient demographics. This will ensure no patient is left behind.
  • Marketing: Don’t forget to promote your membership programs! Use your website, email, text message, and social media channels to generate awareness. Train your staff to educate patients about these programs and create incentives for staff who generate new patient sign-ups.

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