Ensure Continued Success with Ongoing Education and Training

Looking to uplevel your staff’s skills and techniques, but not sure where to start? Continued education helps your aesthetics practice maintain its reputation, aids in increasing employee retention, keeps your services and offerings ahead of the competition, and ensures business longevity. 

The below list will help you navigate all of the training opportunities available, so that your practice can continue to provide outstanding service and cutting-edge techniques. 

  1. Engage in Online Education 

Online education can be great for enabling your staff to improve their techniques. A plus to online education is that your staff can do this at their own pace and review as many times as they need. Virtual options can be a great source of step-by-step guides, demo videos, and product information. 

Consider engaging your staff in the Merz Institute of Advanced Aesthetics for complete product training courses to help them get up to date on the latest trends and practice-enhancing revenue opportunities.

  1. Attend Workshops

Workshops provide a phenomenal opportunity for you to expand your aesthetics knowledge while networking with other professionals in the space. They also allow for hands-on training and skill development. 

At Synergy, we provide a number of immersive workshops that enable you to participate in scientific education, live demonstrations, and tactical training. You’ll also learn sales and marketing strategies to elevate revenue across your practice.

To learn more about our workshop offerings, click here. 

  1. Improve your Business Operations

Uplevel your internal business processes by bringing a performance coach or business consultant in-house to train your staff on the following topics:

Reception: Improve phone skills in order to maximize patient consultation opportunities.

Reception: Optimize the check-out process by incentivizing patients to share your practice on social media, leave Google reviews, and subscribe to email lists. These strategies will help drive brand awareness and engagement.

Team: Improve patient interactions to optimize revenue and profitability through multi-product sales. 

  1. Enroll in a Certification Program

Certification Programs are a fantastic way to uplevel your skills while also earning a new credential that you can market to your patients. Synergy EDU just launched an all-new certification program exclusively offered in the Midwest. 

This 3-Level certification program advances skills and connects aesthetic practices across the Synergy region.

Synergy EDU Injector Certification and Skincare Workshops not only builds provider knowledge and expertise but develops selling and marketing skills for every Synergy Aesthetics customer. Contact us to learn more today. 
At Synergy Aesthetics, we are here to support you. Our team is available to speak with you should you have any questions, contact us today—Your Success is Our Success!

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