How to Generate Reviews For Your Medical Aesthetics Practice in 3 Steps

As a medical aesthetics practice owner, one of your top marketing priorities should be generating online reviews. Why? Because potential patients trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations when making healthcare decisions. In fact, 72% of consumers say that positive reviews make them trust a business more.

So, how do you get more reviews for your medical aesthetics practice? Keep reading to find out 3 steps  you can use to generate online reviews.

  1. Make it easy for patients to leave reviews by providing links on your website and social media accounts.

A Google or Yelp review is an invaluable way for potential patients to get an honest look at your business. However, it can sometimes be challenging  to get patients to leave reviews. Fortunately, one easy way to encourage your current and former patients to leave reviews is by providing direct links to Google and Yelp on your website and social media accounts. 

You can even incentivize this behavior by offering a small discount or gift in return for patients leaving a review. If you’re looking to protect the anonymity of patient reviews, you can let reviewers know that you will make a small donation to charity for each review generated too. 

Remember, encouraging patients to share their experiences with your practice is an essential part of building trust and preserving a positive brand image. By taking the time to make it easy for patients to leave reviews, you are demonstrating that you value their opinions and welcome constructive criticism as a way to provide better service.

  1. Ask patients to leave reviews after their appointment

Remind your front desk staff to take just a few seconds during the checkout process to let patients know that reviews are welcomed. Simply point  them in the direction of any in-office signage, mention the incentive to leave a review, or refer them to your website. 

Keeping this practice front and center with each patient can improve customer satisfaction and ensure you receive more honest feedback from those who utilize your services.

  1. Respond to all reviews, positive or negative, to show that you value feedback from patients. 

Responding to reviews from patients is a critical part of developing trust and building relationships. Not only does it let patients know that their comments are valued, but it also signals to potential new patients that their feedback will be taken seriously. 

Proactive responses can help understand what frustrates or delights your patients and make informed decisions about how you can improve patient care. Additionally, in some cases, responding to negative reviews may provide an opportunity to fix issues quickly before the problem becomes worse. 

In any case, making sure to respond to all reviews not only reveals a commitment to listening and delivering quality care, but also shows an understanding of the importance of patient satisfaction.

You can increase the number of reviews your medical practice receives by following these three simple steps. If you have any questions or would like help developing a custom marketing plan tailored for your practice’s specific needs, our team is here to help. Contact us today!

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