The Revenue Potential of Anxiety Relief

Anxiety is not unique to first-time patients. Patients are often concerned about the pain associated with aesthetic procedures, even when they don’t say it out loud. Could this anxiety be costing your practice revenue? Are patients selecting less invasive procedures and stopping their aesthetic journey short of their long-term goals because of fear?

If 1 patient per week decides against a procedure because of fear, and the average revenue per treatment is $400, you could be losing as much as $19,200 annually on missed opportunities.

There are new pain and anxiety relief solutions that pair well with any aesthetic procedure. In many cases, a general anesthetic isn’t the right solution. Patients want to get their treatment and go. Recently, the Pro-Nox™ device has emerged as a solution to this problem. Many practitioners are calling it the “best-kept secret in aesthetics”.

This self-administered pain and anxiety relief device is fast-acting, and fast-subsiding, allowing patients to drive themselves home 10 minutes after their procedure. Here are a few ways the Pro-Nox™ is helping aesthetic clinics drive revenue:

  • Proactive Communication During Consultation Clinics with Pro-Nox™ weave their approach to pain and anxiety relief into consultations. Addressing the elephant in the room gives patients the confidence they need to move forward with procedures. This can help you capture those opportunities you might be missing today.
  • Marketing to Attract New Patients Pain and anxiety relief can be powerful differentiators. Externally marketing your clinic’s philosophy on procedure comfort can drive new patients.
  • Patient Testimonials Patients love Pro-Nox™ and are often willing to provide testimonials that you can use on your website and social channels.
  • Engage Existing Patients Reactivate existing patients who opted out of procedures that they were fearful of to recuperate lost revenue.


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