5 Check-out Tips to Increase Revenue and Patient Retention

Harness the power of the check-out process to increase sales and create a lasting impression with your patients. In this article, we will discuss 5 effective ways your front desk staff can engage patients during check-out.

#1 Retail Sales: Up-Sell on Skincare Items

Educate your front-desk staff about the products on your shelves to empower them to have skincare conversations during check-out. If expectations are properly set during the check-in process, patients will be ready to have a conversation about post-procedural skincare. Create an internal process between the injector and front desk to ensure consistent recommendations are being made for the patient.

#2 Next Treatment Booking

Create a process for the injector to easily communicate to the front desk staff when the patient should come in for their next treatment. This will help patients achieve their desired results, and keep patients returning to your practice. Depending upon the recommended treatment cadence, this could be the right time to suggest participation in a membership program. The bottom line is you don’t want patients to leave without scheduling their next appointment!

#3 Social Follow

QR codes are a great way for patients to quickly scan and follow your social media accounts. Provide exclusive social media promotions to keep your patients engaged!

#4 Communication Opt-in

During check-out, ask patients their preferred method of communication. Some prefer text or email while others favor phone calls or social media. Use this as an opportunity to opt them into your marketing communications.

#5 Referral Programs

Tell patients about your friends and family referral program. Let them know they can apply for credits from any referrals to their next treatment. If they’re interested, make sure you follow up with a communication (through their preferred communication channel) with the details to keep them engaged.

The check-out process is the final opportunity to make a positive impression on your patients. Treat each communication with care and attention to make patients feel special and heard. This is a great opportunity to collect feedback and identify opportunities for improvement.

Your check-out process should evolve as your practice grows. To keep the front desk running smoothly provide continuous training to enable your staff to be informed about products, services, and the best ways to upsell and build patient loyalty.  


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