6 Aesthetic Procedure Trends across the Midwest

Our team has curated a list of top trending aesthetic procedures across the Midwest. This list was curated by our team of local Synergy AESTHETICS representatives.

Non-invasive treatments with no patient downtime were among the top trending topics!


Here is a list of what treatments you should keep an eye on! 

  1. PRP for Hair Loss. Our team has observed increased demand for PRP, now often regarded as a standard protocol for hair growth. Many clinics are using PRP as a first-line treatment because it is non-surgical and less invasive than hair transplant procedures. These treatments provide positive results and high patient satisfaction.

    Other Upcoming Treatments to Watch
    : Keep an eye out for new device-based treatments for hair loss such as low-level laser therapy. These non-invasive techniques may gain traction as stand-alone treatments and add-ons to treatments such as PRP.
  2. Picosecond Lasers for Skin Resurfacing. Historically, the most common use of these types of lasers has been for tattoo removal, however, more recently, many aesthetic practices have embraced its utility for skin resurfacing. Picosecond lasers are popular because they are a gentle approach to stimulating the body’s natural anti-aging response resulting in no patient downtime.

    Other Upcoming Treatments to Watch: The SaltFacial® is gaining traction as a multi-modality platform that provides a powerful skin rejuvenation therapy for many common skin conditions. The SaltFacial is a Class 2 medical facial device that can treat from head to toe and includes 3 unique modalities on 1 platform: non-thermal skin resurfacing with medical-grade sea salt, and ultrasound to maximize the benefits of all topicals, and one of the most powerful hands-free LEDs in the medical device industry.
  3. Microneedling with Radio Frequency (RF) for Skin Tightening: Many midwestern practices are leveraging micro-needling combined with RF for non-surgical skin tightening, lifting, wrinkle reduction, and reduction of scars and blemishes. Microneedling with RF is gaining traction because of its ability to stimulate collagen production and deliver results with minimal discomfort or downtime.

    Other Upcoming Treatments to Watch: Ultherapy® has long been the gold standard for non-invasive lifting and skin tightening. New treatment protocols are revitalizing the popularity of Ultherapy and re-instating it as the go-to modality that can deliver best-in-class outcomes with minimal patient discomfort and downtime.
  4. Microneedling with PRP for Complexion Improvement. Previously only achievable with laser resurfacing – PRP can now be used on the skin to provide comparable complexion improvement treatment and is quickly gaining popularity in the Midwest.

    Other Upcoming Treatments to Watch: The SaltFacial® has emerged as a solution to uneven pigmentation, and other common complexion problems.
  5. Diamond Glow Facials for Radiant Skin: Diamond glow facials have gained traction because of their ability to provide quick radiant results with no patient downtime. These facials gently exfoliate the top layer of skin and deliver topical cosmetic serums onto the skin via a recessed diamond tip wand.

    Other Upcoming Treatments to Watch: Yes…again! The SaltFacial® – this 3-step facial that starts with a detoxifying salt exfoliant and is followed by an ultrasonic massage to replenish the skin and concludes with LED light therapy for skin rejuvenation. Because of its multi-modal applications, we expect to see The SaltFacial® rise quickly in popularity.
  6. CoolSculpting for Fat Removal: COVID brought a spike in popularity for CoolSculpting as patients were seeking non-surgical fat removal treatments.

    Other Upcoming Treatments to Watch: We may see a spike in surgical fat removal procedures as the country continues to open up.

Contact our team for more information about how Ultherapy and The SaltFacial can add in-demand services to your aesthetic practice. We’re also available to discuss how to turn these trends into wins for your practice!

At Synergy Aesthetics, we are here to support you. Our team is available to speak with you should you have any questions, contact us today—Your Success is Our Success!


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